Here at Starlight Sounds, we take pride in the quality of our lighting. Included with every show is a programmed lightshow with robotic moving fixtures and uplights that are sure to brighten the mood of any reception hall. 


Beautiful Uplighting

Uplighting can beautify your location and easily introduce your wedding color. At Starlight Sounds we include 6 uplights as a standard! This is enough to light behind your head table and by your dance floor. We also offer uplighting for the whole room for just $150. A major savings with a huge impact.                      

Fun Lightshow

Here at Starlight Sounds, we are unique in the way that we include a full programmed light show for your event. We deliver a mini concert-style light show with robotic light fixtures that is certain to wow your guests and add a level of professionalism and excitement to your dance.               


Custom Monogram

Add a personalized touch to your reception by adding a monogram that projects on the wall with a customized logo! We also have the ability to create a digital monogram that has color and slight animation to it. This elegant feature is that "finishing touch" that you need to top off your wedding. We can incorporate this at your reception for just $175.